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Both of the Nesco brand Dehydrators are good little machines, but for hardcore dehydrating enthusiasts the size might be a bit small for their needs. The Excalibur 2900 is a 9 tray dehydrator. The adjustable thermostat ranges from 85-145 for the drying of a variety of foods and the door and trays are removable, which makes checking in on a dehydrating project very easy. The winning point for this dehydrator is the size, it’s a family-size model that is great for large drying projects. The downsize is the actual size of the machine. Small kitchens will have a hard time accommodating the appliance and even in larger kitchens it takes up a good amount of counter space. It’s a bit pricey too, coming in at just about $200, but for those who dehydrate often or wish to dehydrate a large volume of food in one sitting, this is an ideal product.

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