Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator

dehydrator reviewsThe Excalibur 3900B does more than dehydrate foods, it provides your family with healthy food consumption alternatively by creating snacks and sustenance that retain all of their nutritional value during dehydration. High heat cooking destroys important minerals, vitamins and supplements during the cooking process, but the effective dehydration practices of the Excalibur helps keep the nutrients intact providing a healthy source of food for everyone in your family. The Deluxe Series operates under a trademarked horizontal-airflow drying system, enabling foods to dry perfectly, evenly and consistently with the easy flip of the power switch, no matter which tray they are stationed on during the process. No rotating necessary, thanks to the even dehydration process that removes moisture by pushing it out of the front of the machine. This incredibly engineered dehydrator operates within a sleek and satisfying design, allowing it to rest atop your counter space, without disrupting your existing decor.

Whether you are drying meats to create a phenomenal homemade beef jerky, drying fruits and vegetables for snacking or cooking, or even herbs for a fresh alternative to store-bought items, the Excalibur provides fifteen square feet of tray space to satisfy each drying category perfectly. This American made appliance is constructed with a heavy duty seven inch fan, for optimum air circulation, while it delivers six hundred watts of power to accommodate all of your dehydrating needs effortlessly. With a built-in on/off switch, this dehydrator employs an adjustable thermostat that operates the heat variance between 85 degrees and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit comes complete with nine polycarbonate trays with polyscreen inserts, a complete instruction manual, and over fifty helpful recipes contained within the included “Preserve it Naturally” book. In addition, the Excalibur includes a one year manufacturer’s warranty, with the optional availability of a ten year extended warranty.


  • Superior, Sleekly Designed Family Model Dehydrator
  • Comprised of Nine Polycarbonate Trays, including Polyscreen Inserts
  • Totals 15 Square Feet of Drying Space
  • Includes “Preserve it Naturally” Book Containing over 50 Recipes and Tips
  • Constructed with a Heavy Duty 7″ Fan Maximizing Air Flow for Perfect Dehydrating with Each Use
  • Operates at an Amazing 600 Watts of Energy
  • Built-in On/Off Switch and Adjustable Thermostat Provides a Heat Variance of 85 degrees to 145 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 19 x 12.5 Inches
  • Total Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Comes with a One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, with the Option to Purchase a Ten Year Extended Warranty

What other people are saying?

After checking many dehydrator reviews, we found following:

  • One user loves the design of the dehydrator, calling it sturdy while providing impeccable results. He describes his previous, round version as having flimsy trays, where this model delivers a ruggedness he appreciates.
  • Another user says he “absolutely loves” the resulting jerky this dehydrator creates, saying his friends look forward to his bringing enough along for each of their enjoyment when they ride horses each weekend. He says the entire process produces the most tender beef jerky, without over-drying, consistently with each use.